Check It!- Special Edition

I am glad to say that I will be working with a new artist named Chris Koon! You can read his full bio below. 🙂
He has just released a new single titled “Yo-Yo” (which you can listen to above) and I will have an interview up some time soon. Stay tuned!

Chris Koon grew up dreaming of performing.

Koon’s entertainment career began at the age of six, with a performance in a Christmas musical at his church, and he hasn’t stopped performing since.

“Being from a small town, I had a lot of people tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do anything,” he says.

It didn’t take long for Koon to prove those people wrong, though. He is now an accomplished recording artist, actor, and dancer/choreographer. Through middle school and high school, Chris honed his craft on stages in his hometown, by taking part in local productions at his school and community theater, as well as performing at many local events. Chris continued to take acting and music classes and soon found himself scoring the lead in a national ad-campaign against smoking and drinking. That ad campaign put Chris’ face on television screens in schools across the United States, and has since been seen by over a million students.

His perseverance, hard work, and determination to be seen also landed him appearances on two seasons of the hit teen drama One Tree Hill, as well as the opportunity to work alongside the casts of the massively successful shows Grey’s Anatomy and Lost. After that, Chris took home the award for “Favorite Actor” in the first annual FanGap Choice Awards, an award based on votes from visitors and fans of the hugely popular entertainment website, He was also was featured in a national ad for MasterCard alongside Alyson Hannigan, and recently finished filming his first feature film, an independent movie called Bloomington.

In 2009, Chris introduced the world to his music. He flew off to L.A. to spend some time in the recording studio and shortly thereafter released his debut single, “It Girl”. That was just the beginning, and marked Chris’ first steps into making music. “It Girl” was pure road-trip-in-your-car, sing at the top-of-your-lungs, pop. The song was released to digital music retailers worldwide and a music video was released to accompany the song. Koon also embarked on a cross-country promotional trip, performing the song in major markets like Los Angeles, New York, and Indianapolis.

Just a short year later, Chris is following up the success of “It Girl” with the release of his debut EP, appropriately titled “Electric”.

“YO-YO”, the first single from “Electric”, and the follow-up single to 2009’s “It Girl”, takes Chris in a new and different direction musically. “YO-YO” is definitely still pop, but it also taps into the electronic and dance genres. The concept behind the song is about someone who feels like they’re being pulled in too many different directions. Koon co-wrote the song alongside pop music producer Jadion (Simon Curtis, Monti Montanez). “For me personally, the song is about that relationship, friendship, or situation where you feel like you’re better off dealing with things on your own, rather than having someone or something pulling you in a million different directions. I wanted to leave it open for interpretation. I think everyone has been in a situation like that, so it’s very relatable.”

The song “Electric” talks about a distant relationship. “I wrote the song about feeling a certain way when you’re with someone, and trying to hold on that feeling you get when you’re with them, even when they’re not there. If things are going to keep from that happening, it’s about learning from it, moving on, and still feeling good with yourself. The song is about being in love, but is also very self-empowering, so it’s kind of a different take on it.”

“C’mon, Let’s Go” shows a different side of Chris, both musically and lyrically. The song is about letting the music take you away from everything and be an escape. Chris explains, “It’s about breaking free from whatever’s holding you back and just going with the moment. It’s about having that escape – whether your escape is music, a person, or whatever it may be.”

Koon is no newcomer to live performances either. Chris has traveled the country and has taken his show to stages also featuring Graham Colton, Saving Jane, Push Play, Tiffany Giardina, Katelyn Tarver, Monet Monico, Booboo Stewart, Phil Bensen, Chris Fedun (Jump 5), Joey Page, Tamarama, WOW, and many more. He has also toured with and been seen onstage with multi-platinum, Hollywood Records recording artists, Jonas Brothers.

Using his platform as a known performer, Chris has opened up to by keeping up a personal blog that in turn helps benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Chris has also been involved with many other charities throughout his career, by using his time and talents to help raise money not only for suicide prevention, but for diabetes research, children’s hospitals, and much more.

With a talent, passion, and drive that is like no other, Chris Koon is bound to be one of this year’s biggest upcoming talents.

“I just want to be able to do what I love and hopefully inspire others to do the same. It’s because of all the amazing people that my dreams are finally starting to come true, and I can’t say thanks enough.”


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