Exclusive Interview As Promised!


Alright so 2 nights ago Alex and I got the chance to do a Q&A session with Drew Seeley (Another Cinderella Story), along with a few other sites and now you guys get to see the entire interview. It’s kind of long so you can click the link below to read the rest. It is pretty fun to read and it was also fun to do. Also, for any of of that watch the ABC Family show The Secret Life of the American Teenager we might be having another one of these with Francia Raisa who plays Adrien Lee. Stay tuned to find out if we are going to do it. Anyways, on to the interview. =]

Moderator First, we will go to the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation magazine.

J. Steinberg Hello, Drew. It’s so great to speak with you.

D. Seeley Hey, what’s up? How are you doing?

J. Steinberg Not bad, thanks. I was wondering, what made you want to be a part of the movie?

D. Seeley Oh, let me count the reasons. I love to act, sing, and dance, and it was a project that came along where I got the opportunity to do all three at once, you know, and even get to write some of the music, which was amazing, because that’s kind of how I got started, you know, with … ABC Family, doing some writing with High School Musical, so bringing that around two years later to write all the music and co-write a lot of music for this film was a lot of fun.

J. Steinberg How did you prepare for your role in the film?

D. Seeley I practiced my dancing a lot with Selena. We had a lot of rehearsals, like two weeks of pretty intense rehearsals right before we started shooting, you know, learning tango and all these different kinds of dance from Michelle Johnston and Stella Choe and Kelly Konno did all the choreography to the movie, so they kind of whipped us into shape really quick.

J. Steinberg Do you have a most memorable moment you have from filming Another Cinderella Story?

D. Seeley Most memorable moment? There were a lot of memorable moments, but one thing that was kind of cool was a lot of my family lives in Vancouver, so I had three of my little cousins and my aunt be extras in the movie, so they got to come to set and hang out and weasel their way into some of the background of some of the big scenes, so that was funny watching … seeing them in there.

J. Steinberg I’m sure they loved every minute.

D. Seeley Yes, I think they did. I hope they did….

J. Steinberg Great. Thank you so much.

D. Seeley Good talking to you.

Moderator Next, we’ll hear from the line of Nikki Katz with JuniorCelebs.com.

N. Katz Thanks, Drew. Thanks for being on the call with us. I guess my question for you would be, we know that you sing, dance, and act. Do you have a favorite of the three?

D. Seeley It kind of changes every day. I started dancing before anything else, you know, when I was like 7, and then did my first play, Showboat, in Toronto when I was 11, so I kind of got my feet in the water back then. Then the last thing that came was really singing and music, and that’s what’s carried me over the last couple of years, and I love doing all of them.

N. Katz Thank you. Then my other question for you was, do you have a preference as far as doing TV or Movie, and what’s the difference between the two for you?

D. Seeley Well, I’ve done a couple guest star roles on TV shows, but I’ve never been a series regular, so I can’t really say. I’m sure that would be nice to have some kind of steady job, but I love to travel, and I love being in different places, so I kind of like doing a movie where you can be in one place that you’re not – somewhere that you’re not used to for a month or two, and then try somewhere new, and go back to your life. Filming movies so far has been amazing and probably number one.

N. Katz Thanks.

Moderator Next, we will hear from the line of Sara Fulghum with TotallyHer.com.

S. Fulghum Hello, Drew. How are you?

D. Seeley Hey, Sara. I’m good. How are you?

S. Fulghum I’m great. Another Cinderella Story looks like a great movie, and I can’t wait to see it, but for skeptical viewers, what would you say to convince them to watch the movie?

D. Seeley I would just say, I mean, it’s just a lot of fun. It’s just a really fun movie. It’s not trying to be a remake of the Hillary Duff, Chad Michael Murray version, although that is playing at 6:00 p.m. the same day on ABC Family right before our movie. But it’s a modern take on the classic Cinderella story, so I think people young and old will be able to relate to it, and it’s got some great dancing and great music. Yes, I think people that tune in will be surprised and hopefully in a good way.

S. Fulghum Good to know. There’s quite an age difference between you and Selena. Was that ever weird for you?

D. Seeley You know, a lot of people ask that, but it really was never an issue for us. I just hope everybody kind of enjoys seeing the movie as much as we enjoyed making it.

S. Fulghum Good, and as far as you personally, can we expect to see you in more movies, or are you going to focus more on your music career right now?

D. Seeley I hope so. Actually, I’m in the studio right now, as we’re speaking. I’ve been working on this song for the last five hours, so I’m working on an album. I’ve got a couple other music things coming out, but I also have a movie called The Shortcut coming out this spring that Adam Sandler produced, and it’s a PG-13 thriller, so I’m real excited about that. Hopefully everybody will go check that out.

S. Fulghum That is exciting. Thank you so much for answering my questions.

D. Seeley You got it. Good talking to you.

Moderator Next, we will go to the line of Sara Moore with SugarSlam.com.

S. Moore Hello, Drew. How are you?

D. Seeley Hey, Sara. I’m good. How are you?

S. Moore Good. I just had a question. As far as writing the music for Another Cinderella Story, what were some of the inspirations for those songs?

D. Seeley Let’s see. Well, New Classic, the inspiration was, Damon Santostefano, the director, kind of gave us some notes, and told us we needed a big theme song kind of for the end dance that brings Mary and Joe together. So I was sort of thinking – the concept for New Classic is kind of, you know, you take – there’s nothing more classic than a sense of self-confidence. There’s nothing more sexy than that, so I think that Mary has that, but then also she makes it new by bringing her own kind of style into it and giving it her own spin, and that’s kind of what she sees in me too, so sort of find each other or help each other find ourselves through that, and that’s what that song is about. Does that make any sense at all?

S. Moore It did. It does.

D. Seeley It made sense in my head. I know it sounds loopy.

S. Moore No, it does. As far as the songs, are those all written by you, cowritten by you?

D. Seeley A little bit of both. I love collaborating and cowriting, and I’m working with a bunch of cool people. I’m in the studio with this guy, Mike Daily, today, who has done some stuff with the Plain White T’s. And I just recorded a song a couple days ago with this production team called the Heavy Weights for an album that’s coming out. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but it has something to do with The Wizards of Waverly Place show.

S. Moore Another Selena tie-in.

D. Seeley Yes, you know, hey. Why not, right?

S. Moore Exactly.

D. Seeley I’m really psyched about that song. It’s going to be really good.

S. Moore All right. Thank you so much for your time today.

D. Seeley You’ve got it.

Moderator Next, we will go to the line of Lauren Becker with Shooting Star Magazine.

L. Becker Hey, Drew. This is Lauren.

D. Seeley Hey, Lauren. What’s up?

L. Becker Not much. I was wondering, well, the Hillary Duff movie was A Cinderella Story, and this one is Another Cinderella Story, which kind of like basically helps people right away know what it’s going to be about, but if you had to like kind of come up with another title instead of, like, something so obvious, like, what would you kind of refer to it as?

D. Seeley Cinderella Story II, I don’t know. I mean, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know. I think it’s a good title, Another Cinderella Story, because A Cinderella Story, the Chad Michael Murray/Hillary Duff version wasn’t the first one either. There have been probably 50 Cinderella stories in the last….

L. Becker Right.

D. Seeley So maybe there is a more creative title, but I can’t think of one right now. I just really don’t think that anybody that tunes in and just expects it to be the same as the last one or the last couple ones that we’ve seen is going to get that. I really think that we did something different with it that I’m proud of.

L. Becker Definitely. I just thought I’d see if there was anything else that you kind of refer to it as.

D. Seeley Cinderella, One More Dance.

L. Becker That works. I was also wondering, since you worked … with Selena … if you would ever be willing to be a guest star on her show, The Wizards of Waverly Place, or–?

D. Seeley Yes, of course. That’d be a lot of fun. I would definitely be down for that. After I did the High School Musical concert tour, I was a guest star on Ashley’s show. I did the Suite Life, and that was really a lot of fun, so yes. Tell somebody to give me a buzz, and we’ll make it happen.

L. Becker That would be cool. Yes. I’m sure a lot of people, after seeing the movie, would find that a lot of fun. Also, I was wondering, since you’ve worked with like the singers and actors for High School Musical and Selena and everything, they all kind of have the pop sound. I was wondering if there was any kind of music that you like that was a total different genre that might surprise people.

D. Seeley I’m a big fan of a lot of … like Hall & Oates and Phil Collins and The Police and that kind of thing, so I don’t know how many readers are familiar with a lot of those bands, but I get a lot of inspiration from that kind of stuff.

L. Becker Yes, definitely. Thank you very much.

D. Seeley You got it. Good talking to you.

Moderator Next, we’ll hear from Alex Boisvert with Teen Hollywood 411.

A. Boisvert Hello, Drew.

D. Seeley Hey, how’s it going?

A. Boisvert It’s good. I was wondering, were there any funny or embarrassing moments on the set?

D. Seeley Yes, there were some funny things. I mean, we were supposed to be shooting in Beverly Hills, but we were in Vancouver, so for the night scenes, we had to suck on ice cubes between takes so our breath wouldn’t show when the camera started rolling. That was a little odd. And wore these t-shirts and Selena had a dress on, but there were camera guys standing right underneath us right off frame with like giant heaters. They’d point them at us. It was freezing.

I had to drive a stick shift car, which I don’t know how to do, and that was kind of embarrassing because I had to stop a millimeter from the camera, and I could not get it right, so we ended up having about ten crew guys push us into frame and stop me right at the right time. Selena got a kick out of that too. I was usually the butt of most of the jokes, but … fun….

A. Boisvert All right, and to go off the movie track, if you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them?

D. Seeley Oh, Lordy. That’s really … if I could meet anybody dead or alive?

A. Boisvert Yes.

D. Seeley Maybe like Ella Fitzgerald or something, I think … maybe like, Frank Sinatra. I don’t know what I’d say to them. I’d probably just stand there with my mouth agape and not say anything, but that’s about it.

A. Boisvert All right, and when you were filming, what would you guys do for fun in between takes or maybe after a day of filming?

D. Seeley I would make a B-line for the table. I filled my pockets up with Gummy Bears.

A. Boisvert That sounds good.

D. Seeley Oh, yes. We had some long days, so Gummy Bears got us through … sugar rush.

A. Boisvert All right, well, thank you very much.

D. Seeley You got it.

Moderator Next, we’ll hear from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation.

J. Steinberg Hello, again.

D. Seeley Hello, again.

J. Steinberg I was wondering what you would like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and your work.

D. Seeley Just thank you. I’m just no different than a lot of other people that are out now lately just trying to get work, and I’m just very grateful that I’ve been able to put out products, you know, be involved in projects that I’m proud of and get a chance to do this, which is what I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m really living my dream, and it’s just really only because of the fans and the people that are following what I’m doing, so I’m genuinely grateful.

S. Steinberg Thank you again.

D. Seeley You bet.

Moderator We’ll go to the line of Jackie Mann with Junior Celebs.

J. Mann Hello, Drew.

D. Seeley Hey.

J. Mann I just wanted to know what was your favorite part with working with Selena?

D. Seeley My favorite part? Let’s see. I think the most fun was probably the final scene of the movie, the big concert scene because we had 200 extra people in there, a full crowd, and we got to do the dance and the songs full out with a band and dancers and the lights going and everything and the fog machine. It was just really exciting. It really felt like a real concert, and we got to live inside of that for about a week, so that was my favorite part.

J. Mann Thank you so much.

D. Seeley You bet.

Moderator We’ll go to the line of Alex Torres with Teen Hollywood 411.

A. Torres I was just wondering, do you still keep in touch with any of the other actors or actresses that were in the movie with you?

D. Seeley I do, yes. Actually, Marcus, he plays D’Funk in the movie, called me the other day. He’s doing some performing too. We actually have a song together on the soundtrack called 1st Class Girl, so he’s doing some shows, and we were talking about doing that. I keep in touch with him. I keep in touch with Selena, and a lot of the other cast are from Vancouver.

A. Torres That’s cool, and I was wondering – this is kind of random – but if you stuck on a stranded island, what three things would you bring?

D. Seeley What would I bring? I guess my iPod, probably, suntan lotion, and a boat.

A. Torres Okay, well, thank you.

Moderator Next, we will hear from the line of Sara Moore with Sugarslam.

S. Moore Hello, again, Drew. You had mentioned that you started off pretty young. What was your inspiration or kind of your interest in performing?

D. Seeley I don’t know … know if that’s what you want to do with the rest of your life. Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t, but my parents kind of got me into dancing and then a little bit of acting when I was about that age. I think maybe like freshman year of high school or eighth grade is when I decided this is what I wanted to do, and I actually took my own effort to go try out for all the school plays, and I did all the school musicals and that kind of thing. It’s probably like 13-ish, 12, 13.

S. Moore How often do you get back home? I mean, does your family still live in Ontario?

D. Seeley My parents live in Orlando, Florida. Most of the rest of my family still lives in Toronto, so I get back to Orlando a couple times a year, probably the same with Toronto.

S. Moore Thank you very much.

D. Seeley Yes. Thank you.

Moderator We’ll go next, once again to the line of Lauren Becker.

L. Becker I had one other question. Since you are very interested in dance music and acting, I was wondering if they remade a musical into a movie, even if it’s one that’s already been done before, which one would you like to be in?

D. Seeley Singing In The Rain. I mean, you can’t be better than the original in that, so you’re destined to say Gene Kelly right there, but that would be a lot of fun. I mean, there have been a lot of musicals that would be a lot of fun. I know Footloose is being remade, so hopefully I’ll have some – you know, I hope that I can be involved in some way in that. That would be a lot of fun, so who knows.

L. Becker Definitely. Yes. I’m really big on musicals, so that would definitely be cool, so thank you very much.

D. Seeley You got it.

Moderator We’ll go again to the line of Alex Boisvert.

A. Boisvert Hello, again. I was wondering how did you first get discovered for the voice in High School Musical?

D. Seeley Well, I cowrote that Get Your Head in the Game song and demoed it out. I was in the studio working with my mentor, Ray Chan, and he was working on the song, and I happened to be working on my own project the same day. And I asked him, can I help you cowrite this, and he was gracious enough to let me do that. Then we didn’t expect High School Musical to be High School Musical. I don’t think anybody really did, so I guess the people at Disney heard my voice and knew me from doing that demo, so when the time came around to do the concert tour, they gave me a call, and I got to tour the world with the rest of the cast. It was the right place at the right time.

A. Boisvert Very cool. Thank you very much.

D. Seeley You got it.

Moderator We will go to the line of Jackie Mann.

J. Mann Hello again, Drew.

D. Seeley Hello, Jackie.

J. Mann This is kind of a random question, but would you prefer Batman or Superman?

D. Seeley Do I prefer Batman or Superman?

J. Mann Yes.

D. Seeley Definitely Batman.

J. Mann Awesome. Me too.

D. Seeley Oh, yes.

J. Mann Thank you.

D. Seeley You got it.

Moderator Next, we’ll hear from the line of Ashley McFarlin with Drew Seeley Street.

A. McFarlin Hello, Drew.

D. Seeley Hello. I know you. What’s up?

A. McFarlin Good. My question was, have you seen an increase in your fan base, or have you received a lot of new offers, music and acting wise, since Another Cinderella Story?

D. Seeley Well, I got to do that Alvin & The Chipmunks song, that was a lot of fun, Shake Your Groove Thing, that came out on their CD right before the holidays. But after Another Cinderella Story story came out, then Christmas was coming up, and now we’re just getting back from the holidays, so not a whole lot of new stuff that wasn’t already in progress, so I’ve just been kind of taking the quiet time to work on the album and doing a lot of writing.

Moderator We’ll hear from the line again of Alex Torres.

A. Torres Me and my friend are from Florida that run the site, and we saw you at Jingle Jam for Radio Disney, and we just wanted to know how, like, how, did you like performing there?

D. Seeley What one were you at? The one that we just did in Celebration or…?

A. Torres Yes.

D. Seeley Cool. Yes, no, any chance to go back to Florida, that’s my home, and actually perform is amazing. A lot of my friends and family came out. Are you talking about this year or the last year’s…?

A. Torres No, this year. It just happened like two weeks ago.

D. Seeley With Brandon, yes. No, that was a blast. We had a great time. I want to make that an annual thing. I want to come back next year.

A. Torres You should.

D. Seeley I should. Maybe I will.

A. Torres Thank you.

D. Seeley You got it.

C. Fehskens I’d like to once again thank Drew for being with us today. Transcripts of today’s call will be distributed within 48 hours, which you’ll receive from me, so please look out for those, and remember to tune in to the television premier of Another Cinderella Story this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. Have a great day, everyone.

Stay tuned for any new fun stuff that might be going on the site and tell all your friends to come check it out! =]


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