Gossip Guys on Details

Look who’s on the cover of the new DETAILS magazine. The boys of Gossip Girl, I see. So, which one’s your favorite? While you think about that you can read the article posted under.

Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald

What Others Perceive as His Faults: “Model turned actor, dime a dozen, eye candy, doesn’t know what he’s doing … and Perez Hilton says I have ‘gayface.’ So on top of everything else, I have to overcome gayface.”

On the Fans: “Once when we were on location on the Upper East Side, these girls came up, you know, with the Blair headbands and their skirts hiked up higher than they should be, and I said to them, ‘So, are you looking at colleges?’ and they said, ‘No, we’re in seventh grade.’ I was like, ‘What?! You shouldn’t even be watching our show!'”

His Relationship With Roommate and Co-Star Ed Westwick: “What does “bromance” even mean?”
The Future of His Character: “I’m hoping for a fall from grace for Nate. Five years from now, I better have murdered someone!

Penn Badgley, who plays Dan Humphrey

On Twenty-Somethings Playing High School Kids: “We all look way too old. But if we looked the right ages, some of the scandalous s— we do on the show would be too much.”
His Relationship With Girlfriend and Co-Star Blake Lively: “You have to draw the line somewhere. I’m fine talking about my family and personal history, because it humanizes you. But I have to save some s— for me.”

On Himself: ” I don’t take anything seriously. And … just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m not happy. Chace [Crawford] is one of the most positive guys I’ve ever met, and you can see that in the way he walks around.I’m also like that — but you can’t see it.”

On His Career: “I hope in five years I no longer look at acting as a job but as a creative passion. That’s how I want to be different.”


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