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Ballas Hough Band New Single

4 Nov

Here is the new single “Move” from the Ballas Hough band, fronted by Derek Hough and Mark Ballas of Dancing with the Stars. The song appeared on the November 3rd episode of Dancing with the Stars and is now available for download. =)


Cody Linley Jives!

7 Oct

Cody Linley and Julianne Hough do the jive for week 3. In this video, there is a clip of them at Miley Cyrus’s sweet sixteen bash! Who are you voting for this season?

Cody and Julianne Rumba

30 Sep

This is last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars with Julianne and Cody Linley doing the Rumba. Who has your vote this season?


29 Sep

Sorry this is late but this is the second dance of Cody and Julianne. Who’s watching tonight?

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