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Keegan Allen Q & A

22 Feb

ABC Family recently held a Q&A session with Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh). The transcript is posted below. Enjoy!

Moderator Emily and Toby have a really unique relationship together; do you think it’s romantic chemistry or just friendship?

K. Allen At first they were just really great friends and they’re both very shy characters. I think that now, seeing as where Emily is going with her own sexuality and finding who she is, they can be friends, but he’s still very hesitant of Emily. We’ll see that evolve more as the series goes on.

Moderator Is Toby going to get positive resolution by the finale this season?

K. Allen Yes, I think that he will. Obviously we see Toby get beaten down and he’s always in that red spotlight. Getting his ankle bracelet off and finding this friend in Spencer, I definitely see a positive turn of events for him towards the finale.

Moderator Last night we saw Toby hanging out with Spencer; how’s that going to affect his relationship with Jenna?

K.Allen That’s a really good question. Actually, Jenna is a very jealous, jealous character. Toby and Jenna have that stepsibling crazy, weird romance thing going on where he’s been abused and bashed by her in the past. I think the jealousy will rise from Jenna in a different way than when it affected him with Emily. Now it’s like another problem for Jenna to deal with, more people trying to pull Toby away.

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Candace Cameron Bure Q&A!

11 Jan

So we recently got the chance to be a part of a question and answer session with Make It or Break It’s Candace Cameron Bure (Summer). You may also recognize her as DJ from Full House. You can find the transcript from the call below. =)

Moderator Our first question comes from the line Kenn Gold with MediaBlvd.

K. Gold Hello, Candace. Thank you for talking to us today. I have to say I’m actually a Boulder, Colorado, native so your show really resonates with me. I grew up in that town and I love the show when I see it. The other question I have, I know you’re a Christian. You have one a character who promotes Christian values positively, which is really rare in this day of media. How do you feel about having that role, and did you have to fight to get your character, Summer, to have those values on the show?

C. Bure It was very interesting. I do hold a higher standard in some of the things I will do and won’t do. Some of that played into my character with Summer when we had created her, but originally I never asked if she was a Christian at all. That was something that after we talked, the producer decided it would be a great element to add to the show.

I was excited about that and it wasn’t something I was expecting. It’s been interesting for me because although I’m not Summer, we do hold a lot of the same views and opinions and values. It’s something I truly believe in, which is interesting as an actor, to really mean a lot of the lines that I’m saying and to believe in them.

I’m happy, being a Christian and portraying a Christian on television, and I want to make sure that it is a positive reflection of Christianity, unlike some of the views that we see in other characters on television shows that aren’t portraying Christianity so greatly. Anyway, it’s an exciting thing for me and I’m happy about it.

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Alexa Vega and Austin Butler Q&A

18 Aug


So I had the chance to interview “Ruby and the Rockits” stars Alexa Vega and Austin Butler. There were some other sites involved but I got to ask questions. The questions I asked are bolded. =) Check it out below!

Moderator We’ll first go to the line of Traci Grant with thestarscoop.com. Please go ahead.

T. Grant Hi, guys.
A. Vega Hello.

A. Butler Hi.

T. Grant Thanks for being here. My first question is just tell me a little bit about if people haven’t seen the show yet, why should they tune in now? Convince us.

A. Vega Austin, do you want me to take this or do you want to go for it?

A. Butler You’re really good at this one.

A. Vega I just feel like we bring back a very kind of special feeling that I think a lot of people who are adults now had as a child, and that was the TGI Friday feeling where you could sit down with the entire family and enjoy a TV show where it’s not too cheesy for adults, but it’s not too savvy for the younger children. It’s really a happy family TV show. I think it just brings the family together, so if you want a good family experience, this show is it for you.

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Melissa Joan Hart Transcript

2 Jun


Moderator Our first line is Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation. Your line is open.

J. Steinberg Hello, it’s a pleasure to speak with you.

M. Hart Thank you, hello.

J. Steinberg I was wondering, what made you want to be a part of the film?

M. Hart I read the script and I wanted to make this movie, so we got the rights to the script, we met with the writer and the other producer and we acquired the rights. We brought it to ABC Family and they picked it up in a weekend.

J. Steinberg What did you find the most challenging about your role?

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Melissa Joan Hart Q&A!

13 Apr


Alex and I just had a chance. today, to do a Q&A session with Melissa Joan Hart from “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”. She has a movie that will be premiering Sunday, April 19th, on ABC Family called “My Fake Fiance”. Be sure to watch it and I will have the transcript from the session up within 48 hours. =]

Tamera Mowry Transcript!

13 Mar


T. Mowry Hello.

T. Rogers How are you doing?

T. Mowry I’m doing quite well. I apologize if you guys can’t hear me clearly. I’m underneath a hair dryer.

T. Rogers Okay, no problem.

T. Mowry So just wanted to get that out there.

T. Rogers Excellent, okay. Now, from the quick synopsis of the show, it sounds to me like it’s a little like Friends. How would you describe it?

T. Mowry Actually, ever since we shot the pilot, a lot of people who have seen the show, whether they’re in the audience or just family and friends, they compare us to Friends. And it puts … pressure on us because Friends was obviously just an amazing, amazing show, but it also gives us a lot of encouragement. I tend to compare it to Friends in the sense of having five different characters meshing together and seeing how that works. However, we’re not all friends in the beginning. We’re just roommates. The only friend that my character, Hope, is friends with is Katie, so that’s how I would describe it, just us experiencing life post-college, so they’re younger than the character of Friends because we’re just starting to embark on, I think, one of the most scariest moments of your life, which is basically post-college, just figuring out where do you fit in life, in general.

T. Rogers Right. It also says she’s a career woman without a career. What is she looking to do?

T. Mowry Well, Hope, the character, she wants to be in TV. She was a television executive. That is her ultimate goal. The thing is, Hope is very opinionated and she can be a little bit narcissistic, so that gets her in trouble a lot. So because she really, really cares about what other people think about her, she hides the fact that she got fired and then she’s working as a barista because she wants her best friend to look up to her and she doesn’t want to lose that. So she definitely wants to be a television exec, and you never know. Maybe that will happen in the future, maybe not. Maybe she’ll embark on something new because you change careers maybe about eight times in your life I think they say.

T. Rogers What attracted you to the character in the first place?

T. Mowry Well, you know what, I was really, really, really attracted to the script, mainly because I think we have a lack of the original formula of sitcoms and comedy nowadays, and I just loved Hope because she is just basically “Miss Congeniality would like to have a word with you”. She’s very nice, but she doesn’t take any mess, and that’s what attracted me to the character. I think she’s very talented. She just can be misguided at times, but she’s also very loving and she just cares for her best friend so much. She can be a bit overprotective, and I’m kind of like that in real life, so I could somewhat relate to the character.

T. Rogers Excellent. I just have one more quick thing and then I’ll let you go. Now, Mark has a thing for Kate. I was just wondering, does Hope have any love interests?
T. Mowry Hope, she, actually, when I first started doing the show, I kept questioning, asking the writers. I was like, “When is Hope going to get some action? Where’s the love for her?” You know, she’s always into Katie’s business so much. She does have a love interest towards the end of the show, but I don’t want to give that away.

T. Rogers Fair enough, okay. No problem. Thanks again for your time. I appreciate it.

T. Mowry Thank you.

Moderator Thank you, and our next question comes from Sarah Fulghum with Totally Her. Please go ahead.

S. Fulghum Hello, Tamera. It’s great to talk with you.

T. Mowry Hello. Thank you.

S. Fulghum As we all know, you became famous acting with your twin sister, Tia. How does working with your sister compare to working without her?

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