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Speak Now Hidden Messages

26 Oct

Taylor Swift strikes again with hidden messages in the lyrics in the booklet to her new CD Speak Now. Have you figured them out? If not, click here to read them!

What do you think of the CD?


“Mean”- Taylor Swift

19 Oct

This is the last single to be released off of Taylor’s Swift’s third album, Speak Now, in stores October 25th! She says that this song is about a guy who was just plain mean. Who do you think it’s about?

Taylor Swift “Back to December”

12 Oct

Taylor’s new release! In this song she is apologizing for being careless with a boy’s heart. Who do you think it’s about?

Taylor Swift “Back to December” Preview

11 Oct

Taylor talks about her new song “Back to December”. The release of this song is part of the Countdown to Speak Now that is taking place on iTunes. The song will have its world premiere on E! News at 7 pm ET/PT and will then be released on iTunes. Stay tuned for the release of “Mean” later this month. That will be the last single released before the October 25th, when the whole album will hit stores.

“Speak Now” on iTunes!

6 Oct

Taylor Swift’s second single off of her CD Speak Now is the song by the same now. Her new single “Speak Now” was released on iTunes on October 5th, 2010. Be sure to go and check it out! For those of you that have heard it, what do you think?

TSwift “Speak Now” Preview

4 Oct
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