The Pretty Reckless covers Fiona Apple

22 Feb

The Pretty Reckless covers Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” in the Grammy gifting suite. What do you think?


Robyn Answers Fans

22 Feb

Robyn sits down to answer fan questions on ASK:REPLY. Did she answer YOUR question?

BEP New Single!

22 Feb

The Black Eyed Peas have confirmed that their next single will be “Just Can’t Get Enough” from their album The Beginning.

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Keegan Allen Q & A

22 Feb

ABC Family recently held a Q&A session with Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh). The transcript is posted below. Enjoy!

Moderator Emily and Toby have a really unique relationship together; do you think it’s romantic chemistry or just friendship?

K. Allen At first they were just really great friends and they’re both very shy characters. I think that now, seeing as where Emily is going with her own sexuality and finding who she is, they can be friends, but he’s still very hesitant of Emily. We’ll see that evolve more as the series goes on.

Moderator Is Toby going to get positive resolution by the finale this season?

K. Allen Yes, I think that he will. Obviously we see Toby get beaten down and he’s always in that red spotlight. Getting his ankle bracelet off and finding this friend in Spencer, I definitely see a positive turn of events for him towards the finale.

Moderator Last night we saw Toby hanging out with Spencer; how’s that going to affect his relationship with Jenna?

K.Allen That’s a really good question. Actually, Jenna is a very jealous, jealous character. Toby and Jenna have that stepsibling crazy, weird romance thing going on where he’s been abused and bashed by her in the past. I think the jealousy will rise from Jenna in a different way than when it affected him with Emily. Now it’s like another problem for Jenna to deal with, more people trying to pull Toby away.

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Check It!

22 Feb

Hey guys!
So there is a new girl on the music scene that goes by the name of Natalia Kills. Below is a quick background of who she is.

Discovered by The Black Eyed Peas’ in 2008, 24-year-old Natalia Kills is getting ready to take the country by storm with her debut album, Perfectionist, due out on Records later this year.

Natalia’s debut single, “Mirrors,” produced by Akon, Giorgio Tuinfort, and Martin “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” Kierszenbaum, is already a hit on YouTube with the video racking up more than one million views and counting.

Natalia has been supporting Robyn on tour this year hitting the U.S. and Canada. The tour just wrapped up the U.S. leg this past weekend and heads to Europe next.

If you want to check out her music you can find her at:

Also, check out the video for her single “Mirrors” on the Featured Video page of the site!

Speak Now Hidden Messages

26 Oct

Taylor Swift strikes again with hidden messages in the lyrics in the booklet to her new CD Speak Now. Have you figured them out? If not, click here to read them!

What do you think of the CD?

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider “The Only Exception”

24 Oct

Sam and Kurt cover Paramore’s “The Only Exception”. What do you think?

Tyler Ward and Friends Cover “Like a G6”

24 Oct

Like it?

Savannah Outen “Be Original”

24 Oct

Savannah Outen plays her original song “Be Original”. What do you think?

Taylor Swift Forest of Memories

24 Oct

Taylor Swift on her Channel 4 trip in London got to go into the Forest of Memories for an interview.

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